CV writing is a significant part of job hunting because, with our student CV examples, your potential employer gets to know you and determine whether or not you are well suited for the job. Most people know that submitting a professionally distinct CV would give you an edge over other students when applying for a job no matter the position.

How to write a student CV

This is in the sense that most students have no prior work experience to tender in their applications letters but not to worry. This website is intended to help you as a student, trying to secure a part-time job or internship position in companies by providing student CV examples that you can tailor your CV template to look like.

Recruiters tend to get a lot of applications and have been known to discard CVs just from looking at its template. It is left up to you as a candidate to send a CV that would catch the recruiter’s attention long enough for him or her to go through your CV and determine that you are worth hiring.

So more or less, you have a thirty seconds window of opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. Tailoring your CV to our student CV examples would ensure that you don’t miss this chance to convince the recruiter.

Also, you should note that as a student looking to secure a part-time job or internship position with a company, there are some features your student CV should possess. Some of them are:

Your name and contact details

Your full names should be correctly spelt out and if possible typed out in a large font at the top of the page. You can then add your gender, current address, email address, telephone number and the link to your website (if any) or any relevant social media page you are on preferably LinkedIn or Twitter.

As this section is for personal details, you can state your nationality and the languages you speak. This section is one of the first things a recruiter would see so you should utilise this section properly and as much as possible compel the recruiter to read your CV further. You can do this by adding a personal statement; a pitch of some sort. In this particular statement, you can list things about yourself and your personality. Stick to 3-4 lines; however, you don’t want to overdo it.


In your student CV, you should highlight the academic qualifications you have gained in school. You can list all the places where you have gotten one form of education or another starting from the most recent one. After this, also include the courses taken and any particular project you might have embarked upon during your course of study. If you have offered a class that you think would be useful for you as about the job, you should also include it.


As a student, this section might be blank, but that is not to say that you cannot include previous internship positions, summer programs and the likes. You can also state the duration of these previous jobs. Most recruiters are aware of most student don’t have much experience, and that’s perfectly normal.

Membership and Student Clubs

Potential employers also want to know that you possess a good sense of authority, judgment and leadership so if you currently occupy a post in school that utilises any of these characters, you can list it. Especially if the club or membership position is very much related to the job, you are applying for.

Academic and Extracurricular Achievement

If you have achieved any feat or received an award during your educational pursuit, then stand out from the crowd by including it in your student CV. Your academic and extracurricular achievement can consist of your volunteer services or even something like starting a website on your own. You should take note to remember to make these achievements correlate with the job you are applying for and always demonstrate the essential skills you proved to be able to achieve all you have listed.


A potential employer would consider hiring you based on the services you can render to the organisation so by including the skills you have garnered in your student CV; you would be giving yourself an edge. As you shall see in our student CV examples, it is advisable to include computer proficiency skills, communication skill, teamwork and leadership skills. You can even include online classes you have taken. Just like your academic achievements, the qualifications listed should be beneficial to the job. It is also essential to be sincere, don’t make any skill off. This can disqualify you during an interview.


Although this is optional, this section would allow your potential employer to determine what you are like outside the walls of a classroom. You should not include less common hobbies in your CV example. The hobby section is a chance to separate yourself and character from the norm.


References are the last section of a student’s CV. It is advisable to include at least two contacts- one academic contact and if you have interned or worked somewhere before, the contact of a former employer. It is important to inform these referees of your intention to include them on your CV so that they would anticipate a follow-up mail or call from your potential employer.

Other tips to take note of

  • Research, the company where you want to work and learn something about them. These things can be included in your CV to make you stand out.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs clear, concise and short.
  • You must highlight your critical skills.
  • Do not use fonts that are hard to read. Keep the entirety of the contents of your CV consistent and easy to read.
  • Do not use your picture.

If you still are not clear about how to properly document your student CV, you can visit our website. We have several student CV examples that you can check out when writing yours. All you need do is follow the samples and generate your very own student’s CV.

Frequently asked questions about student CV’s

What should be included in a student CV?

Personal details
Memberships and Student Clubs
Academic and Extracurricular Achievements

How can a student make a CV with no experience?

It’s very common that students don’t have much work experience yet, and most recruiters are aware of this. If you don’t have any experience to write on your CV, then write about previous internship positions, summer programs and the likes. You can also state the duration of these previous jobs

How can a college student create a CV?

There is a few options when it comes to how you want to write your CV as a student. Some of the most popular methods is used CV templates, online CV builder, or simple writing your own CV in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

15 Student CV Examples

Down below, you’ll find a list of student CV examples that we recommend, and our readers have had great success with. They cv examples are not listed in any specific order, and new ones are added regularly. We know that when writing a student CV, you might not have much experience to add on to it. But our experience is that if you instead of adding work experience, then add life experiences if can help you out greatly.

Scroll to the student CV examples

Student CV example with no experience

Student CV with no experience
Compatible with word

Like mentioned above, a lot of students struggle when writing their first CV because they don’t have much, or any work experience to put on the CV. This is perfectly okay and is not at all expected of students, but it can be tricky to find a CV template that doesn’t focus on previous experience, but instead on education and personal skills. This CV, however, is perfect for those students without expertise as it mainly focuses on education and personal information and skillset.

The CV comes with an attached cover letter and instructions on how you should fill it out to get the best CV you can. The fonts used are also included in the download.

More info / download

CV Example by TheResumeCoach

Compatible with word

This first student CV example is currently one of the best-selling and most popular CVs on the web. And the reason for that is it’s minimal and easy-to-read design, and it’s user-friendliness.

This CV example includes a two page CV written in Microsoft Word and a similar cover letter that you can include with your CV. The CV also includes very detailed instructions on how to edit the CV and cover letter, and customise it to look just how you want it.

Of cause, the CV comes in international A4 document size but is also available in US letter size. They file also includes an icon pack with more than 50 icons that you can use throughout your CV.

All fonts used in their CV is also included in the file and is very easily installed in Word. If you need help with that, everything on how to do it is well documented in the instructions.

The author of the CV also provides excellent and quick customer support.

More info / download

Clean Student CV by WhiteGraphic

Compatible with word illustrator photoshop

Our second student CV example comes from WhiteGraphic and is their best-selling CV by far. This clean template is very modern and comes with tons of features and available customisations.

The CV comes in both A4 and US document sizes and includes a beautiful cover letter you can include with your CV.

As shown above, this CV comes in multiple formats, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Word.
Adobe Compatible : CS3, CS4, CS5.1, CS5.5, CS6, CC & Above.
Microsoft Compatible: Word 10 & Above.

Only free fonts are used in this CV and they are all included in the files. If you have any trouble installing the fonts, you can have a look at the extensive instruction manual.

More info / download

Modern student CV

Compatible with word

This is a more modern CV example from MoreProfesh at Creative Market. It comes as an optional 1 or 2 page CV with a reference page and a matching cover letter.

All the templates are high resolution files in A4 and US letter sizes and comes in .docx – .pages – .indd – .idml formats. The CV also includes a template guide with instructions on everything you could dream of, and also with video instructions, which makes it very easy to customise.

The CV is written with free fonts which is included in the files as well.

If you have any trouble with the CV you can always contact their friendly customer support, who will be happy to help you get started.

The templates are carefully designed into a beautiful grid, which makes it very easy on the eyes. It’s neatly organized and fully layered. And the templates work perfectly on both PC and Mac.

More info / download

3-page student CV example

Compatible with word

Our forth CV example comes from the talented UXGroup and is one of our favourites. It’s build up in a classic layout with the left sidebar highlighting some of your key features like your skill set and education.

The overall design is very simplistic and minimal, which makes it easy for the recruiter to read through. This is a significant advantage as most recruiters only use about 30 seconds to glance through your CV, so with this CV you make sure they get to all the essential parts, and this enhances your chances of catching their attention.

The CV comes in both international A4 and US document sizes and is well labelled and organized. All the templates are 300 DPI which means they are print ready and will be crisp and sharp on your paper. The templates are also fully editable and customizable so you can easily make changes to the layout.

More than 90 icons are included in the design and all the fonts used are free, and are of cause also included in the file.

More info / download

More CV examples our readers love

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