The retail trade industry is the link between the manufacturers of goods on one side and its final consumers on the other side. Analysts have predicted an upward trajectory in its growth, and this has over the years attracted a lot of prospective employees seeking to start a career in the industry.
If you need pitch-perfect retail CV example to work with, then look no further.

We have made it a point to write the full range of retail CV examples so as to properly guide you so whether you want to rebrand your CV or apply for your first job, our wide range of retail CV examples would be of help to you. From this, you can glean information about the type of things to focus on and tailor your CV accordingly.

What to focus on in your retail CV example

As a retailer, you will be exposed to a lot of people on a daily basis. Employers are keen on hiring people with excellent social skills, and that is why your retail CV should give an insight as to your social skills. As you shall see in our retail CVs example, all points indicating strong social skills are given particular focus this does not mean all other sections are neglected.

Indicators of great social skill in a retail CV includes belonging to social clubs and organizations, to crown it all, you can include people-centred activities you have been involved with.

Some of the key features of a good retail CV example

Concise and well detailed

A good retail CV before landing you a retail job will most likely land you an invitation for an interview before you get hired. It is at the interview stage that you are afforded the opportunity to express yourself as much as your employer wants but at the point of writing your retail CV you must go straight to the point and avoid long stories, you must bear in mind that you are writing a retail CV and not writing fiction. Your retail CV should not exceed two pages but we recommend that your retail CV should not exceed a page.

A good retail CV must be fashioned in line with the job description

How you write your retail CV depends to a large extent on the job description, if for example, the job description says applicant must have an above average ICT skill you must tailor your retail CV accordingly.

No matter what your retail job description says, you will find in our great examples of retail CVs professionally written examples of retail CVs to work with.

A good retail CV must show you as being very passionate about the job especially for an entry-level retail role where your passion for the industry may be your only forte.


The main purpose of writing a retail CV is that employers want to be sure that you possess the requisite skills to take their business organization to the next level.

Your retail CV should highlight your skills preferably in bullet style. The highlighted skill should be well detailed and must show instances where you have put the skills into practice.

Well organized and grammatically coherent

A crappy and poorly written CV will be avoided like a plaque. Your retail CV must be proofread to ensure that points are well organized.

Devoid of flamboyant designs

Even if you have a PhD in fine and applied arts, your retail CV is not where to show off your great artistic skills, your retail CV must be kept simple, easy to read. As you will find out from our outstanding retail CV example, unnecessary designs are avoided.

Contents of a good retail CV example

  1. Personal Details

    Your retail CV is your personal property, it must show your name at an easily identifiable place preferably at the top of the document. Your personal details include your name, phone number and email address. You must avoid irrelevant information like your political affiliations or your religious belief.

  2. Personal statement

    A perfect retail CV must have a clear, concise personal statement. The purpose of the personal statement is to convince your employer as brief as possible about your suitability for the job, and on the retailing industry, you are targeting. If for example, you are applying to a fashion retail company your personal detail must show that you are passionate about fashion, with deep knowledge of fashion trends and have learnt the art of fashion sale.

  3. Work Experience

    Every employer wants someone that has a wealth of experience in the retail industry. Your retail CV is where you let your employer know the work experience you have garnered over the years. The work experience must include a brief description of the job and what your role was. We humbly advise that you put the most recent experience first in your retail CV.

  4. Achievements

    Have you come up with any initiative that increased sales in your previous place of employment? If your answer is yes, waste no time in including it to your retail CV, this would help assure your potential employer that you are indeed an asset and that you bring you on board would help increase sales.

  5. Skills

    As said earlier, a retail job is a people-centred job, your retail CV must show that you have relevant social skills. When you get to this stage in your retail CV include your accounting skills, interpersonal and business skills.

  6. Education

    This is another important aspect of a good retail CV, your educational qualification especially as it relates to the retail industry, your certification, institution attended with dates should be included here.

Our favourite retail CV examples

Below we have provided you with excellent retail CV examples designed by passionate, brilliant designers who are concerned about the inability of prospective employees to land their retail jobs. Not because they lack the qualification but because they are inexperienced about writing a winning retail CV.

Download our Retail CVs

Free CV Example #1

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Download CV Example #1

Free CV Example #2

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Download CV Example #2

Free CV Example #3

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Download CV Example #3

Free CV Example #4

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Download CV Example #4

Free CV Example #5

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Download CV Example #5

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Good luck with your job search.

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