As a job applicant finding the perfect medical CV example, can be a major objective should be providing accurate details of your professional, academic, and additional achievements all of which must be relevant to the job you are applying for.

Writing a medical CV can seem difficult seeming that you want to make the right first impression on the recruiter. You can make this task considerably easier by carrying out proper research and also referring to our medical CV examples.

The examples are specifically tailored to help you gain an advantage over other candidates and it can be very useful in helping you structure your CV.

What writing a proper medical CV example entails.

The medical profession has a wide range of sub-categories which can range from administrative to clinical duties. In a detailed CV as a medical practitioner, you have to show that you are qualified in both aspects. As you would also be dealing with patients who sometimes can be in life-threatening situations, you also have to show that you have skills useful in calming patients.

You should also know how to make rather sensitive decisions on your own. All these attributes should be highlighted on your medical CV. For more ideas on what to include and the manner in which to include details about yourself, you can follow or medical CV samples.

What to include in your medical CV example

Your medical CV should follow a standard format and also contain sections for educational background, certification, and licensure, graduate medical training (which should include internship, residency, and fellowship history), professional experience, publications (if any), honors and awards.

  • Personal details

This section should include your full name and contact details (address, telephone number, and email address). As a professional, you should include only professional contact details. If you have been registered as a general medical council member, you can also include your given general medical council number.

  • Professional summary

This section of your medical CV should contain 3-4 lines stating the attributes you possess that makes you better suited for the job, your relevant work experience and goals for the future career-wise.

  • Education and qualifications

Your academic qualifications should be in chronological order i.e. listing your most recent qualification first. If you also have certifications useful to the job you are applying for, you can also list it.

  • Professional experience

You should include a brief summary of all the medical related jobs you have done starting from the most recent one. Your CV should also include a short breakdown of the duties you performed at this job.

  • Others

This includes trainings you have undergone to make you better suited for the job, publications you have written, lectures you have given (if any), conference presentations given, medical associations that you are a part of, skills possessed, any volunteer job you have been involved in and honours and awards you have gotten in your medical career.

To have an idea of how to arrange these details in your CV, you can go through our medical CV examples. You can be sure that they would guide you on the appropriate thing to do.

Tips to take note of when writing your medical CV example

When writing a medical CV, you should keep some of these tips in mind.

  • The professional summary section of your CV should be used to sell yourself as a competent and reliable medical practitioner to the recruiter. You should list your skills and make sure that your CV is a clear balance between your technical knowledge, communication skills, and a caring and considerate demeanour (remember, you’re dealing with humans). The professional summary can also be used to highlight any accomplishments of yours. If you have successfully led a team before, you can add this too.
  • The recruiter would want to know that apart from your work, you have a life too so you can infuse some details of your life, especially in the hobbies section. If you do volunteer work, you can include it here. It is important however not to lie, exaggerate or make anything up as this can lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Don’t over congest your CV with work experiences. Only stick to the ones that are relevant for the job you are currently applying for. Keep it short and simple and not long-winded. Use appropriate grammar. If you have any other work experience, you can always mention it during the interview.
  • Carry out proper research for action words and keywords relating to the medical line in terms of CV writing and use them strategically throughout your CV. This way, if it is a computer that is sorting the CVs initially, you would stand a higher chance of being selected.
  • You cannot know what the solution to a problem is without having an idea of the problem itself so before writing your medical CV, you should carry out a research of the hospital or medical facility you would be applying to, identify any problem that they have (in accordance to the job you are applying for) and seek a solution to it. Adding this to your CV gives you an edge.
  • Use the standard font and font size and don’t add colours to your CV. Your CV must exude professionalism and seriousness. The commonly used fonts for CVs are New Times Roman and Verdana.
  • Do not list references on your medical CV. Recruiters do not require a referee on your medical CV.

Remember, only you can sell yourself to the recruiter the perfect way, while our medical CV examples would go a long way in steering you in the right path when crafting a CV of your own, they are still mere examples. They would guide you but you should only use them as what they are- a guide. It is left to you to use it to put together your own medical CV.

Download our free Medical CVs

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Good luck with your job search.

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