The function of a good management CV example when looking for a career in management is to provide insight into your life in the professional world. A good CV would shine a light on your past careers, your educational history and the little details about you. In firms, managers are charged with the responsibility of making key decisions and plans that can benefit the company as a whole.

And just like the job, writing a management CV is not easy. In your CV, you have to convince the recruiter that you are more than capable of doing the job. For guidance on how to write a CV that would solidify your chances of getting a managerial position, you can go through some of our management CV examples. This would further enlighten you on how to go about writing a management CV of your own.

What should a note-worthy management CV example contain?

There are different positions and roles in management and this should reflect in your CV. You are supposed to write it based on the particular role you want to apply for. If it is the role of a project manager, you show the recruiter that you have skills that can help in this regard. A recruiter would only take a second look at a managerial CV that appears promising so you have to make sure the initial parts of your CV are attractive enough to make them want to read it till the end and find out what you can offer. Our management CV examples have been tailored to fulfil these needs so you can rest assured that it would provide proper guidance on how to go about crafting a management CV of your own.

Like most CVs, a managerial CV should contain the following:

  • Personal details
  • Personal statement
  • Work history
  • Education history
  • Skillset

How to write a managerial CV

  • Organize your career and academic details in chronological order:

The main purpose of a good managerial CV is to help you put one leg in through the hypothetical employment door and you can only do this by catching the attention of the recruiter from the onset. Like you would see in our management CV examples, your work experience, and educational background should be made to follow the chronological order. This means that you should start from your most recent job or academic qualification to the least recent one. The recruiter wants to see that in recent times, you have either acquired the skills needed to occupy the position or you have gained the necessary academic qualification to do such.

Like we have done in our management CV examples, you should state clearly each job title, your duty at the previous job, the duration you worked there for and the name and location of the company you have worked for previously. As for your academic qualifications, you should also state any course or training you have undergone that would be relevant to the managerial position you are applying for.

  • Be concise and straightforward:

A CV is not a storybook. You should endeavour to always go straight to the point; no fluff. Only add the relevant information- i.e. ones that would be of benefit to you in the position you are applying for presently. As someone applying for the position of a manager, you don’t have to add your bartending work experience to your CV. Everything you include in the CV must be aimed at getting you close to the door and not vice-versa.

Start with your personal details (your name, telephone number, email address, current home address) and then continue with a solid personal statement. The personal statement is majorly used to sell yourself as a viable candidate to the recruiter so add all the skills you deem fit to be necessary for performing well at the job. To have an idea of what a solid personal statement should look like, you can check through or management CV examples.

Follow the personal statement with your work experiences listed in chronological order.

  • Do not neglect the educational qualification section in your CV

Apart from having the needed set of skills for the job, a recruiter also wants to know that you’re equally academically qualified for it. Your qualifications should also be listed in chronological order and it should be written to include formal degrees, important certifications garnered so far and if any, professional courses you have taken. Having a solid educational background is also one of the things that can make you stand out. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to “sell” yourself properly.

  • Keep in tune with the trends

This is necessary, especially if you are new to the employment scene. Your CV should always be current. This is why you need to carry out proper research before writing one. Our broad list of management CV examples would give you an idea of how a CV should look like and this should be more than enough to get you started.

  • Always show your soft skills

Soft skills are personalized skills that aren’t all that visible. A potential employer would want to know that you are capable of working with a team, being a leader when it is needed, that you are responsible and accountable. In as much as these skills cannot be witnessed firsthand (at least before the interview stage), to the best of your ability, try to find a way to convey them to your recruiter.

You can discuss leading a successful managerial project at your former job, what it entailed and how you made it work. Our management CV examples can give you an idea of how to go about this.

Make sure you do the little things, like proofread your CV before sending it and making sure to stay abreast of what the trends are currently. If you need any help, you can avail yourself to our management CV examples. They would be the perfect guide for you.

Download our free management CVs

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Good luck with your job search.

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