The IT sector is one area of the global economy that has continued to attract raw talents. Apart from the fact that it offers applicants the opportunity to choose from a wide range of career paths ranging from programming to database management, web design and general maintenance of computer programs. A career in IT gives applicants global relevance. IT in Europe is IT in America or elsewhere. Do you hope to have a fulfilling career in IT? 

The first step to take in this direction is to build yourself an excellent IT CV and that is why we have provided you with perfect IT CV examples to work with. Be assured that these CVs are a product of many years of experience in writing excellent CVs for IT professionals.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a well written IT CV and that is why we have extended our IT CV services to everyone interested to start a career in the IT sector.

What to focus on in your IT CV example

Your IT CV is personal to you and must “sell” you to your employer as the best candidate for the job.  We suggest that you focus on your work experience and the IT skills that not only stand you out of the crowd but which you can also efficiently work with. The work of an IT professional is practical oriented, your IT CV must show your employer how effective and practical oriented you are.

Some key areas to focus on your IT CV are problem-solving skills, the ability to develop and work with software, and the ability to solve complex IT-related problems etc. We understand how complex it is to write IT CVs and that is why we have included examples of IT CVs for you to work it, these CVs will assist you in knowing the key areas to focus on in your CV.

Features of a perfect IT CV example

Experience has shown us that with an IT CVs that has these features, you as a candidate would stand a better chance at getting an interview. Your IT CV should:

  • Lay emphasis on IT certification and skills
  • Be tailored to fit the job description.
  • Be free from grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Be concise, simple and professional
  • Include vital information about yourself.

Contents of an IT CV example

·      Personal details

This part of an IT CV needs little or no introduction; it should include your full name, address, email and phone number.  As simple as it may seem great care must be taken not to make any mistake here because the consequences may be too fatal. It will be too regrettable and unfortunate for your IT CV to appeal to your prospective employer and when he decides to contact you, there is a mistake in this section and you are not reachable.

·      Professional summary

As the name implies a professional summary gives a brief description of the applicant’s work ethics, his depth of IT knowledge, etc. In short, this is where you show your prospective employer in strong assertive terms that you are the best fit for the job. As you shall see in our IT CV examples, our professional summary shows the depth of IT skills and knowledge the hypothetical applicant possesses.  The professional summary can also be called the personal statement.

·      Core skills

A quick glance at this section ideally should highlight your core skills and competencies. You must carefully construct this section to show your prospective employee that you are more than capable to handle any given task. We wish to say at this juncture that your job description determines the skills to be included at this juncture. Some common core skills and competence in IT CV are critical thinking, ability to work with little or no supervision, great leadership skills and paying attention to details.

·      Educational Background

A good IT CV must contain your educational qualifications, institutions attended and their durations in chronological order.

·      Work Experience

The more experienced a job applicant is, the higher his chances are of being called for an interview. This section can be further sectionalized to show different work experiences at different stages in your career starting from the most recent work experience.

A brief description should be written of the job, the position occupied, the roles played and the duration of stay at the company.

·      Awards and achievements

Has your IT skill been recognized and appreciated with an award? Be your own greatest fan and include your IT award in your CV, this might give you a clear shot at getting the job or at least getting called for an interview.

·      Certifications and trainings

Your professional certification could be all you need to stand out from the many job applicants that will also submit their IT CVs, the goal is to stand out from the crowd and beat other competitors, do yourself good by including a relevant professional certification that you have garnered so far.

If you have also taken part in any training pertaining to IT and you feel it would be useful for the job you are applying for, you can add it in this section of your CV.

·      Hobbies and interest

This section is optional in your IT CV, to be frank, and sincere most employers don’t really care about your hobbies except if it is relevant to the job that you are applying for. If there is no space for important information you should do away with this section but if there is space we recommend that you leave it there.


A well-written CV is a launch pad for a great career in IT. Our IT CV examples cover a lot of IT positions and are guaranteed to help launch you into the IT sector on a pedestal of excellence. If you follow the guidelines listed above and use the format of our IT CV examples, you can rest assured that you would land that dream job of yours.

Download our free IT CVs

Free IT CVs and cover letters

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Free CV Example #2

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Good luck with your job search.

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