When looking for a job in the hospitality industry, you should carry out the proper research and find out what exactly recruiters in that industry look out for before you even start crafting your hospitality CV example. One of the things you should know about the hospitality industry is that the skill set needed is very different from that of other industries so you cannot apply the same ideas there.

To have an idea of how to write the perfect hospitality CV, you can check through the considerably large amount of hospitality CV examples we have. We have made it a point to write the wide range of hospitality CV examples so as to properly guide you so whether you want to rebrand your CV or apply for your first job, our hospitality CV examples would be of help to you.

From this, you can glean information about the type of things to focus on and tailor your CV accordingly.

The hospitality industry as its name implies deals directly with customer relations and satisfaction so to stand a chance in getting a job in the hospitality industry; your CV must at different points highlight some or all of the following skills:

  • Good customer care skills
  • The ability to prioritize and work with people
  • The ability to coordinate your skills and work with little or no supervision.

As jobs within the hospitality industry are role specific, you can have two CVs; one that would be general for the industry and another that would be tailored to specifically match the position you would be applying for.

What you should include in your hospitality CV examples

As you would see from our hospitality CV examples, there are specific things that a typical hospitality CV should contain and some of them are:

1.     Personal details

In this section, you should include your present address, up to date telephone number and also your email address. Details like your nationality, date of birth and pictures that can make the recruiter biased should be left out.

2.     Personal statement

Every company wants to know what whom they are looking to employ would be bringing to the table. This section in your hospitality CV should highlight the attributes or skills you have that can serve the company or establishment. You can include personal attributes like: Well presented, Confident conversationalist, Accountable, Dependable and honest, Fast learner, Punctual. You should basically look for things that would distinguish you from the crowd and tailor a quality personal statement that would intrigue the recruiter. For more ideas, you can look through some of our hospitality CV examples.

3.     Education and training

As said earlier, the hospitality sector is different from the others. Here, apart from academic qualifications, and courses taken on things that involve making you more public-oriented- seeming that you would have to deal with the public a lot should be included.

4.     Skills

This is one of the most important sections of your hospitality CV. Companies or establishments in the hospitality sector are particular about customer service and satisfaction and as a result, your future employer would want to know that you possess any or all of these skills:

  • Good customer service: As a potential staff of a hospitality establishment, especially one that would have to deal with people every day, your potential employer would want to know that you have a cheerful and bubbly personality, that you can handle problems with little or no supervision and that you can communicate effectively with customers.
  • Attention to detail: In the hospitality industry, the little things go a long way in establishing a secure customer base. A potential employer would want someone that knows how to pay attention to details and further establish this secure customer base.
  • Teamwork: You would be working a lot with other staff and is important that you know how to handle criticisms and show immense ability to learn.

When skills like this which a recruiter is on the lookout for are included on a hospitality CV, it further separates you as a candidate from the others. It shows that you understand what the company needs and are more than capable of meeting this need.

5.     Career history

In this section of your CV, emphasis should be placed on the most important parts of your career to date. As your career history would include your job descriptions in these places, you should only list careers important or related to the hospitality industry on your CV.

6.     Additional skills and experience

This section of the CV is for additional skills that you have that might not quite fit into the skills section of the CV. Any other skill or experience you have garnered in the past that may be useful in the hospitality industry can be included. For instance, as a waiter or concierge, knowing more than one language is an added advantage and can be included in your CV.

7.     References

Only referees who are well aware of the skills you have in relation to the job should be listed. This way, they can also help sway the recruiter in your favour when they are contacted.

Other tips to take note of when writing a hospitality CV

  • Recruiters are on the lookout for someone who is confident and professional so it is important to let your CV create that impression from the very first glance. Your words should be concise, clear and understandable.
  • Focus on your most relevant skills.
  • Make sure all the skills listed are relevant to the job you are applying for. It would not make logical sense to apply for a job and add work experience for another job entirely. This can disqualify you.

Reviewing our hospitality CV examples would give you a better idea of what writing a hospitality CV that will catch the attention of a potential client would entail. All you need do is to personalize it, add your details and write it in such a way that it would exude your personality.

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Good luck with your job search.

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