The labour market is a tough place to be, the competition is fierce, and this makes getting a job somewhat tedious. Apart from meeting your monetary needs getting a good job provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have learnt in the course of your studies to real-life situations. As a fresh graduate just entering the labour market, you need to properly equip yourself for the job hunting ahead, and what you need is a quality, well written and articulate graduate CV examples.

A graduate CV is the first lens through which your employer views you. The saying “first impression lasts longer” is particularly true in the labour market and once your graduate CV is badly structured, you have destroyed your first chance at creating a good impression, your prospective employer will most likely not call you for an interview to give you a second chance.

As a fresh out of school graduate we understand the fact that you are inexperienced about the labour market and may find it difficult to write a compelling graduate CV that will stand you out of the crowd and give you the opportunity to launch your career while making good money at the same time.

Features of a winning graduate CV example

There is no hard and fast rule in writing a winning graduate CV, the job you are applying for will determine what to include in your graduate CV and that is why you must pay attention to the job description and fashion your graduate CV accordingly.

For example, if a job description says a graduate of computer engineering should apply for a job it is an exercise in futility to include your baking skills in the skills section of your graduate CV, what has baking got to do with computer engineering? Well, your answer is as good as ours.

Based on a very rich experience in writing graduate CVs, our professionals have come up with some salient features of excellent and outstanding graduate CVs. They have also ensured that our graduate CV examples possess these salient features. We shall make an attempt to delve into some of these key features.

Some of them are:

  • A good graduate CV must be neat and free of grammatical errors
  • It must be concise and straight to the point
  • Elaborate grammar should not be used. Instead, simple and easy to understand words should be used.
  • The entirety of the graduate CV should be uniform both in font and style

Contents of a graduate CV example

  1. Personal details

    This is mostly at the topmost part of your graduate CV. It includes your name, phone number, and contact details (email address and home address). We recommend that your name should be written in bold. We would like to state at this point that your personal details do not include your picture.

  2. Personal Statement

    The personal statement in a graduate CV serves as a brief introduction is where you get to introduce yourself to your potential employer. In this section, you should succinctly and briefly tell the employer what you can offer the business organisation, your career path; its aims and objectives. The role you are applying for in the organisation determines your personal statement. For a perfect example of how your personal details should be written consult our graduate CV examples.

  3. Educational Qualification

    A graduate CV must state the applicant’s educational qualification and background in chronological order i.e. from the most recent to the least recent. It must contain all the educational institutions attended, the date and the degree classification. If the job description states that the applicant must be knowledgeable in a certain field of study and you have taken course modules on the said field of study, do yourself a great favour by including in your CV, preferably in bulleted points.

  4. Employment history

    As a fresh graduate, we agree that this section would more or less be blank for you but this does not in any way mean you should leave it empty in your graduate CV. No matter how seemingly little or inconsequential your work experience might be, you must include it here even if it is just selling movie tickets in a local theatre put it there; it shows you are hard working with a great sense of responsibility. You must ensure that your work experience is professionally outlined. If you have had the privilege of having worked in a top-notch business organization even if it is just an internship position, include the name of the company, your role and what you were able to achieve there during your stay.

  5. Skills

    Your employer expects you to possess some basic job-relevant skills before you can be hired, you must be able to exchange your skill for payment of wages and salary; no one wants money consuming liability in their company. Include relevant skills in your graduate CV as it might actually be a propelling factor to landing that dream job of yours.

  6. Interest and Hobbies

    Typically this section is always at the bottom of the graduate CV, as the name implies it contains what you have a keen interest in. Go beyond the norm and include unique hobbies instead of the common and generic ones.

  7. References

    A referee is someone that can vouch for you. Before listing anyone as your referee, make sure to inform them before-hand. This would make sure they are well informed about your job offer and if anyone calls to make inquiries about you, they can always vouch for you.

Our favourite graduate CV examples

We are constantly looking for outstanding examples of graduate CV’s that you can tailor in your own words in accordance with the job you want to apply for. Down below we have listed our favourite and the ones that have proven to be the most effective for graduates. The examples are not listed in any specific order.

Scroll to the graduate CV examples

Graduate CV Example #1

Compatible with Microsoft Word CV Example
Download CV Example #1

Graduate CV Example #2

Compatible with Microsoft Word CV Example
Download CV Example #2

Under Graduate CV Example #3

Compatible with Microsoft Word CV Example
Download CV Example #3

Free CV Example #4

Compatible with Microsoft Word CV Example
Download CV Example #4

Free CV Example #5

Compatible with Microsoft Word CV Example
Download CV Example #5

You can read our guide on how to write a CV with no work experience here

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Good luck with your job search.

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