Engineering is a very important part of the economy and the truth is that there would no shortages in the demand of engineers. Be this as it may, without solid and attractive engineering CV examples, even with the increase in demand of engineers, you might not be able to secure a job with a leading employer.

Writing an engineering CV example is not something you should rush through, it requires finding the right balance between your technical know-how, practical experience, and your personal skills. Without conveying these three things properly in clear and concise terms, your CV would lack the punch it needs to attract the recruiter.

In your engineering CV, emphasis should be made on your discipline. To have an idea on how to go about writing a proper engineering CV, you can check through our engineering CV examples. You can use the words and phrases in our examples to come up with your own interview-winning CV.

A standard engineering CV should contain the following:

Personal details

This section in your administration CV should include your names in full- no nicknames. You should also include your email address, phone number, and current address. Your name should be clearly stated at the top of the page in big, bold and visible letters.

Unnecessary details should be avoided. To have an idea of how to write this part of your CV, you can check through some of our engineering CV examples.

Personal statement

Every company wants to know what skills their potential employee would be adding to the team. They want to know that you are more than capable of working with little or no supervision, that you are a fast learner, they want to know the skills you have employed in dealing with problems in time past and how dealt with them. They also want to know that you are a team player.

The personal statement section is where you can write out these attributes of yours. For ideas on how to piece your thoughts together in the personal statement section, you can look through some of our hospitality CV examples.

Core and professional qualifications

This section should include the list of things you are qualified and have certifications in especially if their application would yield results in the job you are applying for currently. Every CV should be specifically tailored to meet the demands of each job description.

Work experience

This should be listed in chronological order. The role occupied at the previous jobs, the duration spent there and things you were able to pioneer or achieve during your stay there should also be listed in your engineering CV.


Your academic qualifications should be in chronological order i.e. listing your most recent qualification first. If you also have certifications useful to the job you are applying for, you can also list it.


Any referee you want to use should be notified beforehand and if possible given a brief briefing of what the job entails.

To achieve a balance in your CV, you should follow these tips:

Make your CV readable and compelling

Your CV should not be a jumble of words, it would be well arranged and follow a format that must be uniform and consistent all through the CV. There is no need to use superfluous grammar here when simple English can equally convey your message. The personal statement section is where you show your potential employer that you understand the job description and specifications and you possess the skills and technical knowledge to excel at the job. It should be short and straight to the point and relevant to the job you are applying for.

Provide evidence of the listed knowledge and skills

When including your work experience and skills in your CV, you should expatiate on how you dealt with situations using this knowledge and skills. This should be in the skills and work experience section of your engineering CV. Include the projects you worked on and even other skills you might possess that would be relevant to the job e.g. the use of AutoCAD software.

Make your experience relevant

Before writing a CV, you have to have an idea of what the employer is looking for in a candidate and only provide relevant information about your work experience or acquired skills that would suit these needs.

Prioritize roles in previous work experiences that match the job criteria. Also, infuse important engineering keywords in your CV; just the right amounts however, don’t bombard your CV with keywords. Make sure the entire CV is a smooth read and it highlights your strongest points. Use strong and active verbs to describe your skills and achievements.

Always check for mistakes

A potential employer would at least start to form an opinion about you from your CV. So you should make sure that there are no errors; grammatical and punctuations wise however how little. These can reduce your chances of getting called back for an interview and landing the job.

Use a consistent font and style all through and write in the past tense. If you need to clarify something, you can always peruse the numerous engineering CV examples on our site.

5.     Be professional

A CV should reflect your professionalism from the get-go. You should not use a funny email address. Unnecessary information such as date of birth, religion, and picture should not be included on the CV. It is not useful in any way and can even make the employer biased towards you.

If you make it to the interview stage and they need the information, they can always ask. Basically, in your CV, your potential employer is looking for someone who has good technical skills, has acquired relevant work experience and someone who can relate properly with others.

You need to show them that you are just what they would need in their company. For more information, you can check our list of engineering CV examples.

Our engineering CV examples are perfect examples of what your potential employer would want to see and they can help you come up with a perfect CV of your own.

View the Engineering CV examples

Free CV Example #1

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Free CV Example #2

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Good luck with your job search.

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