Although good administration CV examples is not an automatic ticket to getting the job of your dreams, it most certainly would get you through the door and potentially grant you an audience with your potential employer. A recruiter only takes in the content of a CV at first glance; if anything catches their fancy, then they can set it aside and go back to it.

This is why your CV must be attractive, informative and captivating even at first glance. It must clearly point out your most relevant skills and qualifications about the job. In case you don’t really know how to piece together a good enough CV for a job in administration, you can check our website for administration CV examples that you can tailor your CV according to.

An administration department is one of the most important in any organisation as they provide the structure and procedures by which other departments operate. Administrative staffs help managers deal with the time-consuming jobs that they cannot get around to.

Administration is comprehensive and can include any of the following positions: Administrator, Company Secretary, Corporate Receptionist, Human Resources, Human Resources Assistant, Office Administrator, HR Executive, HR Manager, and Legal Secretary among others.

Competition for positions in the administration department is stiff, and this is why your CV must stand out enough to separate yourself from other candidates.

There are examples of administration CVs attached to this article that would help show you how to create a good enough administration CV based the position you are applying for, i.e. clerical, receptionist or secretarial. You should note however that this is just a guideline and it should be personalised so that your employer would have an idea of your personality from your CV.

What to include when writing an administrative CV

Personal details

This section in your administration CV should include your name in full, no nicknames. It should also include your email address, phone number, and address. Your name should be clearly stated on the top of the page in big, bold and visible letters.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement comes immediately after the personal details. It should include a brief overlook of who you are, what your strengths are and any work experience or education you have garnered till date. The personal statement section in your administration CV should also highlight the special talents or skill you possess that would make you a perfect fit for the job. This part of your CV is majorly to sell yourself and convince the recruiter that you are perfect for the job. If written correctly, it would separate you from other candidates.

Employment history

This should contain all employment history especially those related to the job you’re applying for and if any, where you are working currently. You should also state how long you spent at the previous jobs and fully specify your duties at that job, this gives your potential employer an idea of what you have done before and adding it in your CV can be of benefit to you.


This section of your administration CV should contain your education background starting with the most recent. The number of years spent at each institution and the courses offered during your stay should also be added.

Professional development

This section in a CV shines a light to how the candidate has developed him or herself for the job. It can include the duration of training courses, the course learned and also the knowledge acquired as relating to the job applied for. If as a candidate, you are applying for the position of a receptionist or even a personal assistant, you can include in your administration CV courses you have taken on operating software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and the likes.


Any skills you might have garnered over the course of your career should be included in your CV. you never can tell, one of these skills might be what would eventually land you the job.


Including your hobbies in a CV is a way to let your potential employer know the kind of person you would be outside the walls of the office. You should not relegate your hobbies however to the common ones like reading, dancing. Think outside the box and find a suitable hobby. You can check our administration CV examples for ideas on what to include in this section.


In this case, your referee should be a former employer. You should not that before putting listing someone as your referee, you should inform them before-hand. This saves both parties the embarrassment when your potential employer calls to make enquires of your work conduct and some of the information you listed on your CV.

Tips to take note of when writing an Administration CV

  • Before you start writing your CV, make it a point to go through some of the administrative CV examples that are listed on this site. You would always find something that would be useful to you. It would also save you a lot of time.
  • When writing an administration CV, it is important to carry out proper research. In your CV, you should use strategic keywords relating to administration. In the case that a computer was used to sort out the CVs, this would give you an edge.
  • Find out what the company requires in a candidate and write your CV to meet these needs A company would only employ someone that has the vision to satisfy a need of theirs.
  • Do not use unnecessary effusive grammar. Stick to easy-to-read English that would conveniently relay your attributes and future goals in the company.
  • Use a singular font for the entirety of the CV; do not change fonts halfway. Your CV must be uniform in appearance and style. The standard font types are New Times Roman and Verdana.
  • Proofread each section before proceeding. Submitting a CV full of mistakes is going to be detrimental to your chances of getting the job.

Our administration CV examples would provide a lot of insight as to how to go about writing your own CV.

Scroll to free Administration CVs

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Good luck with your job search.

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