People in the academia are often at crossroads on the format good academic CV examples should follow. Experts have even observed that many academic CV writers have little or no clue on how academic CVs are to be written. Most of them follow what we call the “one size fits all approach”. They ignorantly assume that any kind of CV can be fashioned into an Academic CV.

Academic CVs belongs to a class of their own; they are distinct and must emphasize elements such as research works, publications, seminars attended, and paper presentation etc.

This is because, in the academia, publications are believed to be an indication of expertise. In fact, there is a famous saying in academia that says “Publish or perish. Our expert CV writers understand the peculiarities of academic CVs and have left nothing to chance; they have undergone tremendous training on the A to Z of writing excellent academic CVs.

They have come with exceptional CVs that have stood the test of time and are well sought after. This website contains excellent examples of excellent academic CVs written by our award-winning professionals, and these CVs will end your search for the perfect academic CV forever.

How to write an academic CV

To be discussed here are winning Academic CV formats, strict adherence to these formats will no doubt convince your employer that you are the best fit for the job. These brilliantly written academic CVs will serve as a compass; they will give you a sense of direction as you navigate the murky waters of writing exceptional academic CVs. When writing an academic CV, this format should be followed.

Contact details

As the name implies, your contact details include your full name, address, email, telephone number and personal website if you have any. Your employer will contact you via the contact details when the time for an interview comes.

Educational Qualifications

This is one of the most important parts of your academic CV. As the academia is synonymous with formal education, your potential employer would want to see your academic qualifications, thesis title, the institution attended and duration of postgraduate and undergraduate studies.

Since you cannot give what you don’t have, your employer would want to be sure you are worth your onions and can pass knowledge effectively and by so doing contribute to the college’s pool of knowledge.


An excellent academic CV must contain a brief history of your academic experience which should be listed in chronological order, it must include the positions held and how long they were held for. It can further be classified into teaching and research experience.


This section contains your achievements in the academia. It can be further classified into research work, grants and fellowship, membership of professional bodies and affiliation, awards and honors etc.

Research and publications

A good academic CV should include the research work you have completed, the date of completion and if published in a reputable journal, you should indicate the name of the journal and date of publication.

Grants and Fellowship

Your grants and fellowship should be listed with details such as the name of the grant and fellowship, date etc.


A patent is legal protection granted to a new work of scientific invention in order to prevent such invention from being copied without due approval or authorization from the owner. If you own a work of invention, include its patent number and a brief description in your academic CV.


Do you belong to any professional body whether relating to your field of study? A good academic CV must contain a bullet list of the professional bodies you belong to as it shows you are a force to be reckoned with in your field.


A bullet list of your presentations, the time such papers were presented, where they were presented and other relevant information must be included in your academic CV.

Skills for an academic CV

This section is common in all good CVs, and as you would see in our academic CV examples your skill should be relevant either directly or indirectly to the academia. Your skill set should include communicative skills, teaching skill, IT skill which must be accompanied by the computer application you can operate well.

Tips to note when writing an academic CV

  • Always proofread

Omissions or mistakes in your academic CV would not be taken likely this is aggravated by the fact that as someone in the academia you are assumed to be of above average intelligence. You should proofread your academic CV thoroughly before submitting, and you can always consult our academic CV examples for proper guidance.

  • Structure

Your academic CV must be well structured and it must flow logically from one section to the other. Ensure that very important items are stated first before delving into the less important ones. An academic CV must also be structured in a way that it would be easy to read and understood.

  • Good length

One factor that distinguishes an outstanding academic CV from its other CVs is that there are no length restrictions. This means that you can list all your academic qualifications, awards and honors. A potential employer in the academia always looks forward to seeing comprehensive academic CVs and as you would notice from our examples of academic CVs, the information therein is well detailed and exhaustive.

  • Consistency is key

We recommend that you remain consistent with your chosen academic CV writing style, and the choice of font. Inconsistency portrays you as being disorganized. We ensure that our academic CVs examples follow this consistency rule “strictu sensu”


Our well detailed academic CV examples are exhaustive and are aimed at helping you craft a perfect and well-detailed academic CV of your own. Following these academic CV examples would go a long way in ensuring that coming up with a CV of your own would be a walk in the park for you.

Academic CV examples

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Good luck with your job search.

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